We Are Dedicated to Preserving the Past and Protecting the Future in the Care and Cultivation of Boxwood in the Mid-Atlantic States

The Virginia Boxwood Company, headquartered in Charlottesville, provides a sustainable service that maintains, cultivates & harvests boxwood from the historic state of Virginia- some of the oldest and finest boxwood to be found in North America. Once enrolled in our maintenance program, the company is committed to organic feeding and pest prevention of boxwood. Our experienced team of harvesters work hard to improve the plants longevity and health through skilled seasonal thinning.

By honoring the life cycle of one of Virginia’s oldest introduced evergreens, we are also proud to partner directly with the floral industry as Amatucci Family Greens to provide regenerative, premium boxwood trimmings for wreaths, garlands and decorative displays.

The Johnson Family owners of The Virginia Boxwood Company are committed to nurturing boxwood in the Mid-Atlantic region, founder Nazerano ‘Naz’ Amatucci, a life long gardener, and his son Jason are are working in the business training the next generation of Virginia Boxwood’s team. The Amatucci’s consider the delicate task of caring for & harvesting boxwood as a form of stewardship which carries on the tradition of decorative boxwood that goes back to the 1700’s.

""There is something about these hedges that speak to people. The smell and the way you can hide inside them conjure up childhood memories. To be in the presence of 250 year old box on a Virginia plantation is awe inspiring. Their age triggers a sober urge to protect them.""

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Through our meticulous pruning process, we harvest a wealth of lush boxwood greens. These vibrant cuttings, meticulously sourced and nurtured, find purpose beyond the garden.
Virginia Boxwoods Founder Naz Amatucci and son Jason, with new owners Craig, Kim and Nate Johnson of Waynesboro Landscape & Garden Center..
Upon arrival at your garden, our skilled professionals embark on a meticulous assessment. We scrutinize the shrubs, considering factors like soil quality, drainage, exposure to sunlight, and potential pests.


Each spring we participate in the Mother’s Day Garden Fair at the Virginia State Arboretum in Boyce, Virginia. We offer numerous varieties of boxwood plants for retail and wholesale as well as a knowledgeable staff to speak about your boxwood needs.

We also offer garden club dialogues and educational programs for horticultural organizations.

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