The Virginia Boxwood Company offers a professional maintenance and pruning program for mature boxwood. We care for scores of private homes, estates, colleges, institutions, churches and cemeteries throughout Virginia.

Boxwood Rehabilitation

  • We offer an on-site consultation to evaluate your boxwood.
  • We tailor a rehabilitation program designed to serve your location’s needs. This includes a nutrient regimen with the emphasis on organic and integrated pest management (IPM) site analysis.
  • In our commitment to protect the environment, we utilize organic horticultural oils and soaps to responsibly treat insect infestations.

Boxwood Thinning Program

  • Once plants are brought up to optimum health under our tailored rehabilitation program, enrollment in our complimentary boxwood thinning program begins. Special reduction and rejuvenation projects are subject to a fee.
  • Professional thinning allows air and sunlight to enter the interior of the plant, which is vital to its survival. Our artisan harvesters are trained to find a delicate balance between preserving the integrity of the plant’s form while encouraging the correct type of regrowth, promoting longevity and health.
  • For the sites in the program, we establish two to three year cycles for thinning which provide the optimum benefit for the health and regrowth of the shrubs.

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