A direct result of the due diligence in our boxwood maintenance program is that the trimmings we harvest through our thinning process yield the highest quality boxwood greenery available in the North American floral market.

Boxwood that we care for and cultivate from the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia is unrivaled. The unique environs provide the ideal soils and habitat for this introduced species to thrive. Our close attention to maintaining these conditions means that the boxwood we harvest is the boxwood we know.

To insure freshness and quality of product, our spring and fall havests are cut to order and placed directly into the cold chain with refrigerated trucks in the field. Then the boxwood tips are cold stored at the precise temperature of 34º Fahrenheit for immediate shipping to the wholesale floral industry.

We offer bulk boxwood by the case and bag, as well as custom made wreaths and garlands. We ship to wholesale locations across North America and internationally.

""Aside from its historical affiliations and glossy dark green elegance, our boxwood foliage has incredible moisture retention and resilience once trimmed from the mature shrub. These attributes give our tips unsurpassed longevity and freshness which make them some of the most desirable of all decorative greens.""


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